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Welcome to the Splashfather Chronicles. I am the Splashfather, and I have been a competitive swim parent for many years, also the President of our neighborhood summer team. I am an unabashed swim nut. Ironically, I did not swim competitively as a child, I was merely a lifeguard of a facility pool after I graduated from college. My children both swim, one summer only, and one year round, and I have deeply immersed myself in the sport.

One thing I have always felt was lacking in the Youth Swimming Community was a single hub of fantastic info, tips on swim gear, resource on how to find new teams, even the basics for those transitioning from summer to year round swim. There is a LOT of great info and products and tech and content out there about youth competitive swimming, but you have to become a master internet researcher to find it all, and then it’s not always so clear, especially if you are new to the sport.

Our goal here is to end all that. The Splashfather Chronicles will aim to give you what you need to know, and when you need to know it, and all with a sense of humor, and fitting for the swim parent novice all the way to the Master swim mom with a potential Olympian in College.

We encourage you to┬ávigorously explore the site, and if you see anything that you feel could be better, more informative or clear, or you have a great idea for something fun, interesting or useful we can put on our site, PLEASE don’t hesitate to let us know through comments, or even better, through our Inputs contact email located in the footer of the website.

Have fun, and as we always conclude all of our posts:


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