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Here at Splashfather Chronicles we are committed to bring you all the best swim gear deals we stumble accross. We are on distribution lists for all the major swim retailers, and when we see a great deal, we will pass that on. If we don’t find a great deal any particular day, we won’t! This […]

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Nominations: Paper Plate Hall of Fame

Ok, Swim fans, I’m sure the Summer season for all of you is starting to get a little cloudy, but before all those warm and fuzzy memories completely fade from your consciousness, I’d like you to tap into them to help with a little project of mine. I call it the In the comments section […]

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Splashfathers explains: when we promote products, services or groups

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles. apparel sales. USA Swimming Deck Pass. grab bags. What do all these things have in common? All of these things have been (or will be) favorably reviewed, recommended, or have been declared by the Splashfather Chronicles as ‘must have’. A little disclosure is probably warranted, that we may or may […]

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Swim Teams…UNITE!!

Greetings from the Splashfather, If you are like me, you LOVE summer swim. I’d like to start a little pushpin campaign to identify all the summer swim teams in the entire country, and pushpin them to my interactive map, located HERE. I think it’d be great to just see how many summer swim teams really […]

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Deck Pass & Deck Pass for All

Ever wish there was a really strong app you didn’t have to pay for (in other words, it’s FREE!) that could easily help you keep track of all your kid’s swim times? Maybe even have the capability to let your swimmer ‘friend’ other swimmers and see some of their accomplishments as well? How about if […]

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