Swim Teams…UNITE!!

Swim Teams…UNITE!!

Greetings from the Splashfather,

If you are like me, you LOVE summer swim. I’d like to start a little pushpin campaign to identify all the summer swim teams in the entire country, and pushpin them to my interactive map, located HERE. I think it’d be great to just see how many summer swim teams really exist out there, and how they stretch across the country. So if you’d like to get your summer swim team pinned up to the Summer Swim Map, send an email to splashfather@maanspace.com with 1) your teams name and mascot ( e.g. The World Famous Ulster Fighting Urchins) and 2) your pool location (street address will really help me pin down the location on the map, else your pin may end up in the middle of the Wal-Mart parking lot across town.)

We’ll give the collection of pinned teams a fun group name, say like the ‘National Association of Summer Teams Incorporated’. Hold on, that would make us NASTI, that’s not going to work (Hey check us out, we’re NASTI!)…..hmmmm…..how about the Federal Alliance of Summer Swim Teams…FASST. Much cooler.
So submit your team now to become part of the FASST movement. Everyone is doing it!

If you are on a year round team as well, add that, and we will put that team on there as well!

As always,

May the Time Clocks be ever in your Favor.

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