Nominations: Paper Plate Hall of Fame

Nominations: Paper Plate Hall of Fame

Ok, Swim fans, I’m sure the Summer season for all of you is starting to get a little cloudy, but before all those warm and fuzzy memories completely fade from your consciousness, I’d like you to tap into them to help with a little project of mine. I call it the

Paper Plate Hall of Fame

In the comments section below, please share some of the funniest and/or awesome paper plate awards you have ever seen, and send your submissions per the rules below.  Then around March we will have a NCAA Bracket-style run off for Best Paper Plate Award ever. My first nominee is in the picture below, given to one of our swimmers who our photo-god Dad caught in the best shot ever, our swimmer flashing his ‘Blue Steel’ look. It was the “Derek Zoolander Award: To help kids who want to swim good and do other stuff good, too.”:

Derek Zoolander paper plate 3

(Mock-up of Original Plate)


So give me what you’ve got….here are the rules:

  1. It must have been an actual paper plate award that you have seen or your child has received.
  2. No profanity. (I am hoping that was obvious)
  3. No Names. Please make the award anonymous to protect the child.
  4. It doesn’t have to be an actual image of the plate, but can be a mock-up of the plate message as above, and can have some limited additional artistry as well.
  5. Try to submit with a minimum 400×400 pixel Jpeg/Png image with a resolution above 200dpi, in case we need to enlarge it.
  6. We are focusing on humor here, so it should make people laugh.
  7. Send your submissions to:!

Let the Best Plate win!


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