We have the exclusive connection to Chlorine Gear!!

We have the exclusive connection to Chlorine Gear!!

Chlorine Gear launch banner


Splashfather Chronicles is thrilled to partner with Chlorine Gear in the launch of their product line. Chlorine Gear is dedicated to bringing a true t-shirt and general apparel brand to the competitive swimming community, with fun, cool, and motivating designs for all age groups of competitive swimming. From the collegiate swimmer, all the way down to those adorable 6&Unders, Chlorine is adding new designs daily for all ages, genders, and even types of swimmers!

These are EXCLUSIVE designs you will not find anywhere else on the internet or in stores.

Click on the banner ad below to be taken straight to their Online store, brought to you in partnership with Spreadshirt.com.

We suggest browsing their store by category (Men, women, kid’s), it’s a lot easier to look through the various available designs that way.

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