Can’t find an apparel company for your team’s online store? Try digging through MyLocker!

Can’t find an apparel company for your team’s online store? Try digging through MyLocker!

For those of you that have been involved with either your year round or club swimming program for awhile, you know that team unity is a big part of getting a complete club or team experience together that creates Raving Fans (blog post upcoming on creating Raving Fans in your organization) that keep coming back year after year to the team.

The ability to buy great gear not only builds team unity, but it also can make mad stacks of cash for your team! The more money you make through apparel sales, the less you can charge for memberships, which many times will result in more swimmer registrations.

Or you can take that kitty, and put it towards an OFF THE CHAIN team party complete with the largest platter of Chick-Fil-A nuggets ever thought possible, neon bracelets and headpieces, beat programmed disco lights, a live appearance by One Direction and maybe even Frozen Lime-A-Rita pops for Mom and Dad (which you’ll need to make it through an entire set of One Direction music).

Perhaps you take that green and buy the next piece of state of the art swim strengthening dryland equipment, custom backstroke flags for the summer team’s home meets, snowman caps for club winter session, more reserved pool time, better flippers….the possibilities are limitless!

The problem with most apparel providers is that you get to design up one shirt and sell that. Or maybe a couple different designs of flannel pants. But you almost always have to disseminate the order info, take orders, be sure that it meets the printers minimum order size, collect from everyone, etc. Blech.

What if instead of doing that, you could upload your team logo and initials and get HUNDREDS of different items with dozens of different designs on them. And what if there were no minimum quantities, and then add on that each piece could be fully customizable to the person ordering it? That would be totally insane, right?

MyLocker banner

Welcome to insanity. Come on in, the water’s warm. I’d like to introduce you to Now, I know there are probably other companies out there that do this same kind of thing, but I really like and have used, so I can speak on their capabilities better than any others, but I do promise to keep looking for great places to expand your team spirit offerings and make money at the same time. allows to you to upload your team logo and enter your team initials into their system, and for people to buy tons of items without any minimum order quantity, and customize those pieces as well, for no additional cost. Say you want fleece vest with your team logo and a line in your team colors that says ‘Crazy Swim Nut’ on it. Done. Shipped. Dad wants a Logo’d golf Visor. Done. How about shorts for Junior that say (Team name) Practice Monster. Done. How about a team logo emblazoned iPad case, and a pink tank top for Mom with the Message “SWIMMING ROCKS” with the team name listed below that? DONE and….DONE. The products are very diverse as are the choices of colors, messages and designs. And you can get a visual display of what the product will approximately look like with all those customizations as well.

Got to be a lot of work to get all that up and running, though right? Lots of red tape and hassles getting the stuff pushed across to your team, most assuredly.
Actually, these guys have really made it easy, within ten minutes, even if you are a complete tech knucklehead, you can have your site up. And they have step by step instructions on how to get their banner embedded on your team website as well.

My LockerNow let’s talk turkey. How much can you make from these sales? The MyLocker affiliate rate is a surprising 12% of the gross sales amount! which compares very favorably to many affiliate programs out there. So if a team member buys 2 polos, a hat, and a t-shirt for $100 total the team gets $12. And you pretty much just sat there, and got a MyLocker email telling you the team just made $12. It’s that easy.

But Splashfather, we make like a 200% profit on the shirts we order and sell, that’s sooooo much more than 12%! Well let me tell you the flaw in that thinking:-You had to go out and take orders for that shirt

-You probably had to design it yourself
-If you didn’t take orders and just ordered a supply of shirts, you will probably end up with extra shirts you may never sell
-If some people just procrastinated and never ordered you have a substantial segment of the team with no team gear on. (GASP!)
-You had to collect all the money for all the orders or shirts you sold and keep track of all that.
-All your shirts are exactly the same, with no personalization options

MyLocker-Custom-Apparel-DesignIf you are into pain, then maybe that’s your thing. I personally am into the ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ kind of thing. But even if you are into the pain of hand administered bulk orders, you can do that with MyLocker too! Bulk orders start at 6 pieces, and in addition to a wholesale rate, you get the 12% affiliate commission on that sale, too, and can resale the t-shirts or whatever else you are buying at a markup. Best of both worlds!

You can see now that with as busy as the Splashfather gets in summer swim stuff, why MyLocker became our team store in the time it takes you to say “Easy money”.

Create my shop visualThe site is easily reached by any of the highlighted text in this article, or the click through banners and buttons sporadically located throughout the site. Using this link takes you straight into the design experience so you can ‘try before you buy’ playing with the design options. You can design the piece you design, or if you are convinced (like I was) that this is the best option for your team, click the ‘Create My Shop’ button to start the process of creating your store, which is absurdly easy and free with no strings attached.
Have fun with it, it’s pretty cool.


The Splashfather

Be advised that we do receive affiliate commissions on any team stores set up through the click through’s on any links on this article, or by clicking the banners. Although we do receive proceeds, the Splashfather promotes and links with because it rocks, not because we get paid when people business with them!

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