Splashfather Chronicles Last Minute Christmas List

Splashfather Chronicles Last Minute Christmas List

Are you one of the thousands who wait until the last minute to buy all your Christmas gifts? Madly scouring the internet for great ideas for gifts for your swimmer? You are in luck. We have prepared a list of sweet Christmas gifts for just about any swimmer, and we are even including exactly where you can go to get each item…..ready? You can click on the image of any item to be taken to someplace you can buy them. Here we go:

Tyr Youth Swim Parka1. Swim Parkas: I’m really boggled that more swimmers don’t own these, especially north of anywhere in Florida, Nike Youth Swim Parkawhen at the time that most swimmers head off to High school practice is pretty much cold anywhere. Didn’t your Mom always tell you to bundle up or you’ll catch your death of the cold? And you weren’t even wet! There are several manufacturers (including Speedo, Nike, and TYR) that are selling their Parkas off cheap through Swimoutlet.com or on their own sites.

underwater mp3 player2. Waterproof Ipod with earbuds: Don’t really feel like listening to coach today? Droning on in your own workout for a hour with nothing aside from your own elevated heartbeat to entertain you? Try on these babies and start swimming with purpose! Can you imagine just how faster you could go if you were listening to Justin Timberlake’s, “I’m Bringing Sexy Back”? Ok, probably not any faster, but at least you won’t be bored to death not being any faster.



Chlorine collage3. Chlorine Gear T-shirts: We have a strategic partnership with Chlorine, but earnestly, CG’s designs are like nothing else you or your swimmer are going to find anywhere. A few examples are shown in the collage off to the side. With a strong holiday sales season already to launch their brand, we think…no, we know you will start seeing their trademark Periodic table symbol on shirts and hoodies all over the swim meet very soon, as well as on cell phone cases, deck walkers (their name for flip flops), and even baby rompers.



20141114_SportSafe_Cosmo_banner572x5324. Sportsafe markers and the Meetminder event tracking tattoos: Most Swim parents and swimmers currently write their event-heat-lane assignments on their arms with a standard old sharpie. Given that the standard old sharpie if brought to the nose area and sniffed a few too many times will have you seeing Puff the Magic Dragon before long, you have to wonder what those chemicals are doing to your skin or other organs. Enter the Sport Safe Markers, which according to their manufacturer are “water and sweat proof, easier to remove, and most importantly safe for use on skin.” The Meetminder Event Tracking system made by them combines one of these markers with a tattoo that gives a nice little organized grid for writing down the events entered in a meet. And both are reportedly easier to remove than sharpie, so no more trips to the principal’s office on suspicion of cheating with a matrix of random numbers and letters still left on the arm on Monday.

fastskin goggles5. Speedo Fastskin googles: these have been around a bit, but finally they are coming down in price from 3 figures. There is definitely dispute over how much they an actually improve your swimming, but there is no dispute that you look like a total boss wearing them. One could conjecture that half the sport is mental, and if in your mind you feel like a boss, then you will swim like a boss, too!



Deck pass Pin6. Deckpass Pins: Certainly the cheapest item on our list, these pins are hard to find but are coveted by swimmers who make big time improvements and achieve National Motivational time cuts, as ‘bag candy': things of all shapes and sized they can pin/chain/attach to their swim bags which of course makes them cooler. Their production seems to be pretty sporadic, so they don’t have all the events or time cut combinations, but they have quite a few.



My Locker Screen-Shot-2014-11-06-at-1_57_12-PM7. MyLocker Custom T-Shirt: If you wanted to put together a custom garment with a ton of choices, and not pay some absurd price for one custom named garment, MyLocker is a great choice. At their portal you can insert your team logo into any one of their design selections, add your name and Voila! you have a custom designed Tee, Polo, ball cap, and tons of other choices.


Furry Fleece swim blanket8. Swim stylized Bedding: Swimmers eat, live and breathe swimming, why not sleep swimming as well. This is a pretty fun idea that most dedicated swimmers will get a real kick out of (hopefully not a flutterkick…..okay, that was a really bad joke). If you really want to go the extra mile (no pun intended), you can have items personalized or have photos custom printed on all kinds of bedding and blanket items.

Well, there you have it, I’m sure there’s a ton of other cool items and there will be plenty of new stuff that comes out next year as well, so we’ll save some for then.


The Splashfather

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