Deck Pass & Deck Pass for All

Deck Pass & Deck Pass for All

Ever wish there was a really strong app you didn’t have to pay for (in other words, it’s FREE!) that could easily help you keep track of all your kid’s swim times? Maybe even have the capability to let your swimmer ‘friend’ other swimmers and see some of their accomplishments as well? How about if it not only did that, but also AUTOMATICALLY uploaded and kept track of their year round swim times, could have goal times imputed against those times, had discounts built in to Speedo and other swim retailers AND gave your kids cute icon badges every time they hit a motivational time or some other quirky milestone?Deck Pass on android-iphone-3g1

Well look no further, swim parent, because USA Swimming has an app for that, in both iPhone and Android.

Deck Pass is USA Swimming’s wildly successful app in which they have tied their national results database into the app. By entering your child’s USA Swimming member number and establishing a a deck Pass acct, you can get full access to all times they have swum in all their events in a great interface. Deck Pass also has a section to load in goal times, a way to connect to other USA swimming friends, and probably the most popular feature of all, the swim badges. As your child swims, they get various achievement icons in their badge page (automatically), for everything from reaching a National motivational time cut (BB, A, AA, etc), to scoring a time that ends in .01 (the Oh one and you’re done badge), to having swum all four legs at some point of the season in a medley relay (the four legged monster).

If that’s not cool enough, there’s promo code discounts at Speedo and Tyr, special offers at Arena, even 10% of stays at Marriott hotels (whaaaat? ). Or get the news, look up other swimmers you know, and have your swimmers accomplishments posted to a Facebook page if you want.

Pretty amazing stuff.

Many who have a few years in the year round swim racket already know about Deck Pass, but in the past year, USA Swimming has actually released a few more flavors:

Deck Pass for Teams: this is basically Deck Pass on the juice…or rather Deck Pass trying to combat the juice. This version adds a series of seminars sponsored by TruSport. If swimmers complete them, they get additional badges, and if they get them done fast enough they can get in on video chats with some of the spirt’s elite Olympians. Holy smokin’ Toledo!

Deck Pass for Coaches: if your coach or club is up to it, they can get this app and add their own badge icons for award of club or practice accomplishments. It is also gives them fingertip access to their whole team’s times as well. And the coaches themselves can also earn badges (Badges? They don’t need no stinkin’ badges!).

Deck Pass for Everyone: this is the feature that I think is absolutely brilliant on the part of USA swimming. So, say you are a summer league only swimmer. Or your swimming is limited to the High school squad. Or both. Even you can download the app (a variation of it that is) and use it as a tool to keep track of times by manual entry, and compare those times in relation to the cut times for the all-star or championship meet in your league. The app will even give icon badges for accomplishments! It doesn’t have ALL the features of the standard Deck Pass (what, you want it all Mr. Greedy? lol), but who cares! Why for the love of Pete would USA Swimming deliver this variant for people who aren’t even their customer?? Easy, and here’s the brilliance:
1) they are the United States authority on competitive swimming, and as such it’s their role to provide tools to foster the sport,
And more importantly:
2) They make fans of folks that aren’t in USA Swimming….yet.

See, if you get a cool gift like this app, maybe that’s one more reason of many others that pushes a summer-only, or High school only swimmer to pursue the sport competitively on a year round or seasonal basis under the USA Swimming umbrella. It is a fantastic gesture to spread brand, and I think it will work.

Now I’ll need to get them to develop a way for summer coaches to design and award badges to summer swimmers in Deck Pass! That would be OFF THE CHAIN!

If you are interested in downloading the app, it’s very easy. Just click the banner below, or go to pass and get it at the App Store or the Android store.


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