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10 Deck Pass Patches that Should Exist

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USA Swimming’s Deck Pass App is a fantastic and ingenious creation. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Deck Pass is accessible by any USA Swimming Member (and to all swimmers with less features, see our blog post on Deck Pass and Deck Pass for everyone here) and ties into their database to allow parents […]

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DQ- The Two Most Feared Letters in Swimming

DQ, or Disqualification is every swimmer’s dread. Half of the process of not DQ’ing is understanding what you can be DQ’d for. I present the following guideline from USA Swimming for a most illuminating yet easy to understand guide on some of the basic disqualifiable (not sure that’s a word) actions in each stroke: “The […]

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Deck Pass & Deck Pass for All

Ever wish there was a really strong app you didn’t have to pay for (in other words, it’s FREE!) that could easily help you keep track of all your kid’s swim times? Maybe even have the capability to let your swimmer ‘friend’ other swimmers and see some of their accomplishments as well? How about if […]

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