Splashfathers explains: when we promote products, services or groups

Splashfathers explains: when we promote products, services or groups

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles. MyLocker.net apparel sales. USA Swimming Deck Pass. Swimoutlet.com grab bags.
What do all these things have in common?

All of these things have been (or will be) favorably reviewed, recommended, or have been declared by the Splashfather Chronicles as ‘must have’. A little disclosure is probably warranted, that we may or may not get compensation for folks who buy those products using links on our site, whether that be the Amazon shop, the Swimoutlet.com link, the MyLocker click through’s, etc.

With that said, with the exception of a few banner or sidebar ad sources that are out of our control and are randomized by the Google Adsense people (it’s not our fault you are seeing what you are seeing, YOU clicked that site too many times and now Google is going to beat you over the head with ads for that site until you go back!), if we have endorsed it, glorified it, extolled it, or even said ‘it doesn’t suck’, it’s because we believe that. If we just flat out hate a product, service, website, swim camp or club, we are not only not going to allow them to be endorsed on our site, we are probably going to have a special post telling you just how far up on the ‘it sucks’ meter they rate.

We are also full owners of the Chlorine Brand of t-shirts for which we frequently run batch sales campaigns. We’d even like to sell them in our own operation if we can get enough followership. We got tired of hammy, under designed, cheaply designed or just dumb uncool stuff on t-shirts whenever we went to Cafepress. Not only that, but Cafepress t-shirts are basically about as high quality as a K-Mart cafeteria hot dog. So we started trying to come up with t-shirts that looked more like real t-shirts that kids and teens actually buy, with some fun and artfully crafted messages, that don’t have that ‘Grandma went to Vegas and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’ look. Our goals is to have 2 Olympians wear our t-shirt for the heck of it, so Katie Ledecky and Ryan Lochte, I’ve got your free tshirt right here, just drop me a line so we can get it to you. Ryan, we’ll even throw in a set of Chlorine Branded grillz. (Those are removable tooth fronts, not a place to roast burgers…c’mon grandpa, get with the lingo.)



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