A Place to find All you ever wanted to know about Youth Competitive Swimming…and then some.

A Place to find All you ever wanted to know about Youth Competitive Swimming…and then some.

Thanks for visiting my blog, the Splashfather Chronicles. It is our intent for this to be an immense resource and fun place to visit for the youth swim parent, summer swim coach, swim team president or board member, and of course for all the youth competitive swimmers out there, whether that be in summer swim or in year round club or YMCA swimming. We hope you enjoy your look around, there’s plenty to check out, such as:

  • Articles on what to expect as a new year round swim parent
  • Tips on how to build a legendary summer swim team
  • Reviews and Previews on some of the coolest swim gear out there
  • Interactive maps that will help you find a swim club near you
  • Crazy and funny swim stories
  • The Splashfather’s hand picked collection of the best swim gear deals out there
  • and much more…

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So dive on in, the water’s warm!

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