USOC Sets Gears in motion for Splashfather’s Daughter to make Olympics in Dad’s Hometown!

USOC Sets Gears in motion for Splashfather’s Daughter to make Olympics in Dad’s Hometown!

The United States Olympic Committee made a big splash recently when it announced that it has selected Boston, Massachussetts as the city it will submit for the United States to Host the 2024 Olympic games (#Boston2024):


#Boston2024! Let’s give a lot of background that has yet to be uncovered on the Splashfather. This is a peek I do not grant lightly, as I do not want my fans to come knocking on my door and harassing me for my autograph in the middle of the night (::Wife of The Splashfather rolls eyes::). Here goes:

1. The Splashfather is native New Englander that grew up about 30 miles North of #Boston2024. I am one of the sickest Boston Sport fans alive as evidenced by this old blog I used to run

2. The Splashfather’s swimmer daughter will be in her swimming prime in the year 2024 (per the authorities on such things, don’t give me that look, Dara Torres..)

3. The Games will occur in the year of my 35th High School Reunion Two out of three of those things are CLEAR signs that higher forces are at work here. How fantabuolous would it be if my swimmer kept working hard and made it to the Olympics, and the Olympics ended up being IN MY VERY OWN OLD HOOD (# Boston2024 )!

I know what you are saying…Olympics?!? Let’s not get crazy, Splashfather….I know, I know, probably what…one in a million chance? But in the immortal words of Lloyd Christmas…

llyod christmas   #Boston2024

I’m not packing my bags or anything (that would be silly, I’d be wearing a bunch of 10 year old clothes to the Olympics, I’m not Bono), because, let’s be serious, Boston still has to be selected as the Olympic city, which won’t occur until 2017.


The Splashfather……# Boston 2024.

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